Sunday, September 15, 2013

MCS 2.0.5 released soon

MCS 2.0.5 is currently being tested for imminent release.

MScan 2.0.5

New features:
(1) NON-RESONANT SCANNING.  The 3DMap window demagnification can be changed to be less than one (i.e., one can zoom in on views).
(2)  NON-RESONANT SCANNING. Photostimulation targets can now be designated in the 3DMap window with a demagnification < 1.
(3) Time-lapse imaging can now be done with intervals less than 1 s (the interval between frames is now set in milliseconds). You can take frames every 500 ms when your frame duration is less than that (for instance ~ 330 ms at the default frame rate of 3.05 fps).
(4) There is now a zPiezo Automation object (of the Piezo type) that allows outputting voltages to the z-piezo controller during scripts.
Features (3) and (4) allow scripts to move the objective with the piezo in time-lapse mode after taking a frame. The idea is to take a frame and while waiting for the next frame, to move the piezo. The interval between each frame will allow the objective lens to settle when performing large z- changes.
Bug fixes:
(6) RESONANT SCANNING. There was a bug in generating the waveform controlling the Pockels cell.(5) NON-RESONANT SCANNING. When imaging a subframe (less than 512 x 512) consecutive images are not flipped anymore (subframes are selected by dragging the mouse over a region inside the display area of the Viewer).

MView 2.0.5

- When converting to TIFF files, information is now written as an ASCII string (not as UNICODE).

Bug fixes
- Files taken during photostimaging in modes other than region scans can now be open in MView.

The on-line documentation has been updated.

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