Saturday, September 14, 2013

MCS 2.0: 32-bit and 64-bit versions

The programs in MCS are now either 32-bit or 64-bit.

MScan 2.0

The new MCS 2.0 workstation runs MScan 2.0 64-bit under Windows 7 64-bit Professional Edition. This system, which allows either conventional or resonant scanning, is now the standard computer for new MOM and MCS orders.

We provide a 32-bit version of MScan 2.0 for customers who are running MCS on a 32-bit computer. To allow resonant scanning, we recommend switching to the 64-bit version of MCS.

MView 2.0

MView, the analysis program of MCS and the software component MCSX (which allows, for instance, to read MCS files from Matlab) are free of charge and can be downloaded from the web site of Sutter Instrument (www. They can be installed on any version of Windows starting from XP.

The MCS analysis package is now available in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. Prior to installation, choose the correct version that matches the "bitness" (32-bit or 64-bit) of your operating system.

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