Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MScan 2.3 and MView 3.2

The new version of MCS, which includes MScan 2.3 and MView 3.2. has been sent for beta-testing. Aside from improvement in performance and minor bug fixes, the two prgrams introduce new scripting features which will facilitate near real-time processing of imaging data, even in resonant scanning mode.

MScan 2.3 can now export frame data during the OnNewFrames event by using the GetFrameArray method, which returns a variant array which contains the latest frame values of a specific imaging channel. Incoming data can be piped into a workspace in MView for display and processing. What is noteworthy is the possibility to jump outside the boundaries of MScan to pass data to another program in a time-efficient manner. In principle, the result of GetFrameArray should be compatible with Matlab’s PutWorkspaceData

The next release of MScan will have a version number matching that of MView. We plan to support additional hardware. In particular, we intend to make MScan compatible with a high-speed, low-cost USB 3.0 video camera for synchronous behavioral recordings. 

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  1. Hi MCSPers,

    I am quite interested in the GetFrameArray method. Can we update our old Version Mscan Software to get the new method for free?