Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cloud-based storage in MCS 2.0.6: introduction to S3 and Azure

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) and Microsoft Azure services are very similar in the way they operate. Their services can be tried for free, either for a limited time or for a certain amount of data transfer. In addition, data files located on the cloud are organized in a similar way (see table below). The the top level is called an account, which would be similar to a disk drive. The account holds either buckets or containers, which are very similar to disk folders or directories. Buckets or containers contain objects or blobs. For all practical intent, objects or blobs are MCS data files. A major difference between a file system on a disk and the S3 or Azure cloud storages is the fact that buckets or containers cannot contain other buckets or containers, only objects or blobs.

Your Amazon S3 Microsoft Azure

Drive Account Storage Account
Folder Bucket     Container
File         Object Blob 

An Azure storage can store up to 200 TB of data. Blobs can be as large as 200 GB.

MScan allows you
  • to create new buckets and containers
  • and directly upload data files to one of these "folders" at the end of an imaging session.

MView is capable of
  • dowloading data files on the cloud to a local folder on your computer
  • create new buckets or containers.
  • upload files to the cloud
  • delete files in the cloud

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